What is point of use?

This simply means we purify the water at the point of use or right at your location. This is opposed to purifying the water at a central location, bottling it, and then selling it to you.


What kind of plumbing is involved?

We connect to a cold water supply with 1/4" tubing to supply purified water to the cooler.

Isn't it too costly to switch?

Our technicians can usually have you up and running in less than 1 our and installation is free. Therefore, the only costly thing would be to wait and continue to pay high prices for bottled water.

How will i know when my filters need to be changed?

You do absolutely nothing. We will have you on a regular schedule to change your filters. We take care of all the maintenance and filter changes.

My tap water is horrible. How can you purify it?

Our systems use reverse osmosis or microfliteration and are designed to remove a number of contaminates that the same bottled water companies do no matter how bad the water may be.